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Did you know that in a recent bridal survey, the number one regret of those getting married was not having a wedding videographer? Quoting, “Many couples decide to find a great professional photographer to capture the moments but don’t include a videographer in their wedding budget. This is something you will likely regret not doing at your wedding. Wedding videography offers a treasured memory that allows you to relive the moments of your wedding day on a more personal level.”

Wedding videography was once considered a bit unnecessary. But in the last ten years, wedding videography has evolved into wedding cinema through innovations in the technology of professional filmmaking equipment. Never before has high-end movie-making technology been so accessible, allowing us to capture the world around us with a truly cinematic, stunning look. That, paired with professional grade audio, camera stabilization gear, and unique original editing techniques has given the team at Luma House the opportunity to create powerful customized wedding films designed for each individual couple.

We don't consider ourselves videographers at all actually. We approach each wedding the same as a narrative cinematic film; from a storyteller’s perspective. 

Luma House Wedding Films was founded by independent filmmakers Paul Meredith and Adam Finley. They filmed their first wedding in October, 2014 and have been creating wedding films across Southern California at a high demand ever since.

Completed commissions include an 10-12 minute ‘Highlight’ Film, a longer 18-25 minute Featurette Film, which includes all of the most memorable moments from your ceremony and speeches with dialog, and a 60-90 minute Cinema Film that captures every detail from start to finish, including the full ceremony and speeches. More details of packages and add-ons can be found on our Packages page. 


Have questions or need a quote? Please visit our contact page and reach out to us. We would be happy to see how we could help in creating your perfect wedding film! 

What Equipment Do You Use?

We use Panasonic mirrorless cameras shooting 4K Ultra HD video (4K slow motion), lavalier microphones and/or professional sound recording devices through the venue's mixer for the ceremony and speeches, as well as add-ons like aerial drone photography.  We also utilize gimbals for ultra-smooth panning and tracking shots for the entirety of the day, not just small portions like most companies.

What are you prices?

Since there can be a rather large range of costs due to each wedding being unique, we provide custom quotes for each individual couple based on your needs and the package/add-ons you'd like.


Are these the only Packages?

These packages are really guidelines for your day. We are easily able to make amendments and adjustments to these packages to suit your needs.


Please get in touch via the contact us page for information on services and charges for our destination package.


Do you provide raw footage?

Yes. We like to stand out from other companies by offering your raw footage free of charge. Just let us know if you'd like the raw footage and we will coordinate a transfer of hard drives as soon as your films are completed. 


Are you insured?

Yes, Luma House and it’s staff are covered with Public liability insurance as well as Indemnity insurance; in case something disastrous happens to our cameras or equipment after the wedding.



Film Turnaround times

Can I cancel at any time?

Cancellations can be made, however, we will retain the 50% deposit to ensure each party's loss is equal.


We strongly recommend taking out wedding insurance to cover any loss you could incur for cancelling or postponing your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances.

Wedding postponements require a $500 fee payable at the time of postponing. This fee may be waived for off-season dates or short-term postponements. If we are not available on the new date, we treat it the same as a cancellation.  


Our industry-standard turnaround time is 3-4 months (following wedding season, it could be extended).  We require the balance payment about 7 business days before the delivery of your film. 


If we don't hear back or receive your balance within a few days of requesting it, we move onto the next client's film then circle back to your film to give you some extra time to pay.


Can I pay In INstallments?

There is a 50% security deposit required upon booking and your final balance isn't due until about a week before your film is delivered.



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