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Why Add Our 2021 Special?

Although a standard Highlight Film is still a wonderful way to tell the story of your special day, it can be limited by its length.  Adding 5 minutes to your film is often just enough extra time for us to be able to include most or all vows from the ceremony, as well as the best moments from each speech.  The Featurette Film of the Premiere Package is already long enough to include these moments, however, 5 extra minutes can go a long way when telling the story of your full wedding day.  It allows us to include more dialog from the ceremony & speeches, more beautiful romantic shots, longer dance sequences, etc.  Lastly, including the Drone Add-On or 60-Second Teaser Film ($300 value each) with the Cinema Package,'s the ultimate package!  We thought long & hard about what the best new specials could be, & we believe these truly bring the most value to our wonderful couples!

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